DIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to StopDIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to Stop

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DIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to Stop

When I bought my first home, I could only afford one that was a bit worn down. As we didn't have a lot of money to pay a contractor, my partner and I did a lot of the work ourselves. While we were keen to tackle drywall, rip up and replace flooring and paint everything, we were a bit scared of the electrics. The house was old, and it had suffered from water damage. I wasn't sure what was safe and what wasn't. However, I learned a lot about electrics along the way, and I fell in love with the topic. I want to help others in the same situation so decided to start this blog. My name is Kate, and welcome.

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Are Sparks Shooting Out Of Your Light Socket? What To Do

Did you go to turn on a light and sparks came out of the switch or sparks came out of the light socket? If so, you need to call for emergency electrical services right away. You don't know what type of damage there could be around the area where there were sparks, and running the light could cause a fire in your home. A professional electrician can do more than just fix the electrical flaw, and they can help improve the electrical systems throughout your home. Here are a few things to talk with the electrician about.

Inspect the Light Socket

Immediately, you want to have the light socket inspected by an electrician to see what is causing the sparks and what the risks could be. If the wiring is old, have it replaced, and if there is any chance that the socket could have problems also because of age, replace all of the components. If this happened because of the breakdown of old materials, it may be time to inspect and update all the electrical materials throughout the house.

Fire Safety Evaluation

How safe is your home from a house fire? The electrician can do a fire safety evaluation to see if you have components that are at the risk of causing a fire in your home, and to see if you have another fire hazards you are unaware of around the property. An outdated breaker, wiring in the attic, or appliance hookups could be fires waiting to happen.

Energy Use Audit

Not only do you want to know where there are hazards but also where you are wasting electrical energy. Have the electrician do the audit so you can see what appliances are consuming the most electricity, what is running without need, and where you need to change out bulbs. The audit can help you save money later on, and it may be time for you to update to some energy efficient appliances and lighting options for the home.

If you update and make changes to the electrical system in your home, and add security features to increase safety, you should qualify for homeowners insurance discounts because you have made the home safer.

Any time you have electrical sparks shooting out of a light socket, light switch, appliance, or anywhere in the home and you know it's related to the electrical system, a professional electrician is the only expert you can trust. Contact a company like Emergency Electrician 24 Hour for more info.