DIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to StopDIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to Stop

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DIY Electrics: Assessing Safety and Knowing When to Stop

When I bought my first home, I could only afford one that was a bit worn down. As we didn't have a lot of money to pay a contractor, my partner and I did a lot of the work ourselves. While we were keen to tackle drywall, rip up and replace flooring and paint everything, we were a bit scared of the electrics. The house was old, and it had suffered from water damage. I wasn't sure what was safe and what wasn't. However, I learned a lot about electrics along the way, and I fell in love with the topic. I want to help others in the same situation so decided to start this blog. My name is Kate, and welcome.

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Make Your Child's Curtains Safer By Calling Your Electrican

A young child's bedroom is a place where they will both play and sleep, and once they become more mobile you know you want to make this room as safe a place as you can. Curtain cord deaths take 1–2 Australian children each year, so changing a child's curtains to motorised ones will certainly keep them safer. Now that your young one is starting to move about more, it is time to make a curtain change before their curious fingers reach for curtain cords that can cause them harm. Motorised curtains are easy to install and use, but you will need an electrician's assistance.

How Do Motorised Curtains Work?

Motorised curtains are curtains that are moved by electricity running through the curtain rod rather than you having to manually open or close them using a cord. You can purchase both vertical and horizontal motorised curtains from your local curtain retailer, so choosing a design that suits your window shape is not going to be a problem.

The opening and closing of the curtain is controlled using a remote. When the remote control is activated, the electricity running through the curtain rod changes the position of the hooks attached to your curtain. The final position can be anywhere between fully open and fully closed depending on your needs when you are adjusting them.

Why Do You Need An Electrician?

Motorised curtains are powered by electricity, so your electrician will be required to put an electrical outlet close to the curtain rod rather than having a power cord running down the wall to an existing power outlet. It is not safe to have uncovered electrical outlets at floor level as little fingers like to try and poke objects into them, and that raises the risk of an electric shock. Having the electrical outlet up high next to the curtain rod is a far safer alternative.

Solar power is an alternative choice for powering the curtains, but having it hard-wired into an outlet on the wall means you never have to worry about the solar panel not being charged up enough to operate because of an overcast day.

A motorised curtain rod will give you full flexibility over the control of the curtain's position without putting your child in harm's way of curtain cords. All you need now is the electric curtain rod from your curtain retailer and a trusty electrician to install it for you.